Mergers & Acquisitions

Purchasing a company is extremely stimulating and exciting but must be prepared with care and nothing must be left unattended. Everything must be verified and the professional must adopt a critical attitude so that the experience is a fulfilling and successful one. This is why it is important for the professional to be competent and possess experience and intuition, but above all, a partner who masters the skills of negotiations.

In managing mergers and acquisitions, we focus on our clients' strategic needs. We assemble the right team to address the challenges of each deal, offering you a "one stop" resource for your M&A transactions.

We provide sophisticated, innovative and tactical legal advice, responding quickly and effectively to all M&A transactions regardless of timing, size, scope or complexity.

We advise clients, including purchasers, sellers, boards and special committees, lenders, financial advisors, investors, and key shareholders in every aspect of a transaction.

We conduct the due diligence before you purchase a company or its assets, including reviewing and revising contracts with employees or suppliers, and investigating pending lawsuits, debts, and certificates of good standing.

Our practice includes large transactions where we draw on our expertise in corporate, securities, tax, capital markets, antitrust, real estate, labour and environmental law. We also handle transactions that may be small in comparison, but equally as complex.

Our focused, integrated approach allows us to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, so that we offer timely, innovative legal solutions that help them reach their objectives

Call us at the early stage of your next deal in order to benefit from our vast and lengthy experience in M&A. This will, without a doubt, allow you to be favourably and properly protected.

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