Litigation, Arbitration & Mediation

Litigation can be upsetting, costly, and unpredictable for clients. We handle your litigation with the same passion that you have for your business

At Paquette & Associates Attorneys, we take the time to understand your business goals and budget constraints, and work with you to solve your problems effectively and affordably.

Hence, our first approach will be one where the solution may be found by avoiding the Courtrooms. But, if the tribunals are the only way to obtain satisfaction, we thoroughly prepare and plead your cases with talent no matter the size or scope.

In today's corporate world, many contracts and laws strongly suggest that parties settle their differences through arbitration or mediation.

We then regularly assist our clients within these dispute processes, whether contractually, judicially or following specific administrative provisions (Labour Standard Act, CNESST, etc.).

In addition, we are called upon to act as mediators between parties who really want to put an end to potential litigation, striving to obtain profitable solutions for all ("win-win").

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