Fiscal Law

Every business transaction has tax considerations. With globalization, tax planning has become more complex. You need effective tax planning to protect your business.

Many tools and legal vehicles are at our disposal to provide minimal tax implication such as personal, family or real trust, holding companies, partnerships, etc.

We can also assist you in submitting briefs to tax policy officials, negotiating settlements with revenue authorities for tax disputes, and litigating disputes before the courts when necessary.

For legal counsel that minimizes tax costs and maximizes results, we can help you with:

We have and will represent you within negotiations when filing an anonymous Voluntary Disclosure, a program allowing taxpayers to come forward and correct inaccurate or incomplete information or to disclose information they have not reported during previous dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency or Revenue Québec, without penalty or prosecution.

Did you know that only attorneys can really protect your identity within the above anonymous negotiations (as per the right to the protection of professional secrecy granted to the relationship between clients and their attorney)?

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