Financing and Banking Law

It’s well known that the growth of a corporation is directly related to its financing capacity which we, at Paquette & Associates Attorneys, have understood a long time ago. In fact, our intelligent and adequate use of different types of financing is partly in direct correlation to where we are at now.

With ongoing legislative, regulatory and competitive changes in Canada's financial services sector, financial service providers need a legal partner who can resolve the many legal issues they face, such as:

As for the entrepreneur, all will agree that the name of the game, in business, is money. Whether it’s management of cash flow, injection of new capital, restructuring, purchasing, sale or negotiations with creditors, today's business person must be properly assisted by a qualified professional.

We, at Paquette & Associates Attorneys, help our clients maximize business opportunities by providing comprehensive, specialized legal services in all aspects of financial services law, including:

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